Professional Environmental, Custodial, and Maintenance Services for Complex Facilities

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From patient empathy to lowering HAIs and increasing HCAHPS scores, from infection prevention to floor care—and every environmental services (EVS) protocol in between—at Servicon, we have your back when it comes to creating and maintaining a safe, clean healthcare environment.

Hospital - Healthcare EVS Services


Our more than 48 years of aerospace facility maintenance experience ensures we deliver the clean, secure, and regulatory compliant environment that will keep your business soaring.

Aerospace Facility Maintenance


We are the commercial cleaning services company you need to protect your real estate investment by keeping your complex facilities clean and healthy, your tenants satisfied, and the world aware of your socially responsible side.

Commercial Cleaning Services


Buildings such as yours that are open to the public are under intense scrutiny when it comes to cleanliness and infection prevention. At Servicon, we provide the commercial cleaning services you need to keep your buildings clean, safe, and healthy.

Municipal Cleaning Company


At Servicon, we provide cleaning and infection-prevention expertise and superior event support. This includes flexible staffing, fast response times, and staff well-versed in proper VIP protocol. Our services will help your entertainment facility earn a best-in-class rating.

Entertainment Cleaning Services


When it comes to manufacturing, you have a lot at stake. You need an experienced commercial cleaning services provider with a stellar safety record to keep production running smoothly. You need Servicon.

Manufacturing Custodial Services Provider

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We help produce higher HCAHPS scores, lower HAIs, and faster throughput, which translates into more budget dollars to spend on your business of saving lives.

We invite you to to find out more about Servicon’s cleaning services for complex facilities and to schedule a free assessment.

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