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At Servicon, it isn’t just a job. It’s a chance to grow a career through learning and development, commitment, and the belief that caring for people elevates everyone’s work day. We celebrate unique talents in a diverse, inclusive culture where we can all flourish.

Every role is essential and significant, from our frontline cleaners to the leaders that oversee them. We operate within complex facilities for world-impacting industries, ensuring they remain healty and safe for people to thrive, making you a valuable asset – no matter your role.

Here are some examples of the roles we have:

Custodial or Janitorial Technician

Custodial or Janitorial Technician

Effective cleaning for many different types of commercial spaces.

Floor Care Specialist

Floor Care Specialist

Professional floor cleaning and maintenance in client buildings.

Environmental Services (EVS) Technicians

Environmental Services (EVS) Technicians

Thorough cleaning for infection prevention in healthcare environments.

Facility Maintenance Technician

Facility Maintenance Technician

Ongoing maintenance to keep spaces operational.

Clean Room Cleaning or GMP Cleaner

Clean Room Cleaning or GMP Cleaner

Precise cleaning methods in complex areas.

Operations Supervisors or Managers

Operations Supervisors or Managers

Overseeing and guiding valued staff.

EVS Technician

Tatiana, EVS Technician

What We Do

We provide cleaning, maintenance, and infection prevention for complex facilities. We prepare and protect spaces so essential industries perform at their best. Our work is life-saving and mission-critical. We’re always looking for talent to help us fulfill our purpose: to elevate our industry and provide healthy environments for people to thrive.

Hiring Across Recognized Platforms

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What We Do

We connect your skills to available positions that best suit your work style and goals. Then, through industry-specific training, we support you in accomplishing career milestones.

We don’te believe in glass ceilings. The sky is the limit regarding your professional and personal growth at Servicon.

Servicon Team

Here’s What Our People Say


“I have always liked working in a hands-on profession helping people. I am passionate about helping others grow and want to keep growing and learning. I have been able to do that, especially with Servicon. I worked in one place for eight years and another for three, and Servicon is different, better. The management really lives by its values. That helps us and everyone in the industry keep learning and growing.”

Fabiola, Operations Supervisor


“…it has been a great year with regard to my schooling, and professional development with Servicon. None of this growth throughout the year would have been possible without Brandy and Juan guiding me every step of the way.”

Ryan G. – Cleaner Lead

Servicon Employee Stories

We are always looking for exceptional people just like you.

Facilities Restroom Cleaner

Location Pin Woodland Hills, CA


Location Pin Culver City, CA


Location Pin Valencia, CA

Utility Worker

Location Pin San Dimas, CA

Our Commitment to You 

We strive to be the best place you’ve ever worked. We want our team members to wake up feeling inspired, safe, and fulfilled. So, at the end of the day, it’s not about the building; it’s about the people inside the building – that includes you!

Our clients love us and the work we do. Join a company that cares for people and the spaces in which we work.