What To Look for in Hospital Environmental Services Companies

Hospital environmental services companies play a vital role in patient care and HCAHPS satisfaction scores. The right firm can also reduce healthcare acquired infections (HAIs), increase throughput, and work well with other hospital staff and departments. However, if you are seeking a new hospital environmental services company, you may be wondering how you can tell if it will produce these kinds of positive results.

While there are no guarantees, below are a few key areas to consider.

Employee tenure. You can tell a lot about a company by how long their employees have worked there. This can be especially true for companies focused on healthcare cleaning services. Of course, every company has some employee turnover, but quality hospital environmental services companies have some team leaders and members who have been there for years, not months.

Leaders. Were the company’s supervisors promoted to their current positions from within the organization? If not, what kind of previous experience did they have? Typically, the best hospital EVS leaders are those who have worked on the front line themselves and are familiar with the challenges.

Products and equipment. Does the hospital cleaning company you are considering use the safest, “greenest” formulations possible? Are the technicians still using string mops instead of microfiber or bulky, nonergonomic vacuums? Conversely, does the company seem to switch equipment and processes haphazardly, jumping on the latest fad whether or not it is substantiated by scientific data? The choices the company makes when it comes to equipment and chemical use can reflect its consideration of its employees’ welfare and the steps it will be willing to take to safeguard your patients.

Experience. Many companies boast being in business for years, even decades. However, hospital environmental services is a unique sector, so it is wise to consider how much experience the company has servicing the hospital/healthcare sector specifically.

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Safety record. This is vital. If the company has a history of mishaps, OSHA violations, or other documentation showing a tainted safety record, it is best to look elsewhere. Hospitals have enough to worry about when it comes to providing a safe, healthy environment; the hospital EVS company you partner with should be part of the solution, not the problem.

Training. Does the company provide ongoing training for its leaders and field workers? Does the training go beyond cleaning and disinfecting to include education specific to the hospital/healthcare field, such as patient empathy? It should, especially considering the amount of time cleaners spend in a room cleaning. While some patients may not feel comfortable talking with doctors or nurses, these same patients will often talk to cleaning personnel. Cleaners with empathy training know how to respond to make patients feel more comfortable, which can go a long way to increasing their overall satisfaction and even help speed up their recovery.

Single point person. Will the EVS company provide you with a single point person to contact should an issue arise? When something needs attention, the last thing you want to be doing is chasing down the right person to take care of the situation. You should be given one name and his/her contact information and only one—not five or six—substitutes.

Testimonials. These should come from hospitals comparable in size and scope to your own. Do not hesitate to follow up by contacting the references directly. The best hospital environmental services companies will encourage you to do so, confident that the individuals you contact will provide additional positive information to help you make the right decision.

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