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The CDC estimates HAIs account for


Infections annually


Associated deaths annually

 Your Healthcare EVS Partner

With today’s unprecedented focus on cleaning for health, HCAHPS scores, throughput, and regulatory compliance, you need a healthcare environmental cleaning services partner you can count on to help you meet these challenges.

Infection Prevention

Jessica, IP & Custodial Technician

Our hospital EVS and infection-prevention expertise help reduce HAIs.

Our partnership with The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS) assures our infection-prevention processes are science-based.

Our extensive hospital EVS training ensures proper infection-prevention procedures are followed at all times.

Patient Care and Satisfaction

Beatriz, EVS Technician

Our EVS team provides patients and staff with peace of mind that your facilities are properly cleaned and disinfected.

Our EVS helps reduce patient recovery times and increase patient satisfaction.

Being cared for by our experienced, empathetic EVS workers helps maintain the dignity of patients.

Our many years as EVS provider for California’s largest healthcare facilities highlights our capabilities. We exceed the most rigorous regulatory inspections, labor-management laws, infection-prevention requirements, and throughput standards while showing patients the empathy they deserve.

As your environmental services (EVS) hospital and healthcare mainstay, Servicon provides the support and services you need.


Infection prevention

Floor care

Terminal cleaning

Recycling & waste management

Sustainability consulting

Sharps program

Linen management

In-house custodial support

Our People

Beatriz, EVS Technician

Many of our EVS team members have worked at Servicon for 15-plus years because they feel respected and appreciated.

Our workers are caregivers who care deeply about their vital role in infection prevention and patient recovery.


Servicon streamlined our EVS processes by providing one point of contact who understands our sites and the importance of the patient experience. Servicon has made our job easier and allowed us to sleep well at night knowing that we have a reliable partner who is here for us.

Ventura County Hospital

Healthcare Cleaning Services

Benefit to You

We help produce higher HCAHPS scores, lower HAIs, and faster throughput. This translates into more budget dollars to spend on your business of saving lives.

We invite you to to find out more about Servicon’s cleaning services for complex facilities and to schedule a free assessment.