What Candidates Looking for Facility Maintenance Jobs Need to Know

Many people wonder what responsibilities come with facility maintenance jobs. Part of the reason for the lack of clarity is that facility maintenance companies can offer different services. This is why, if you are hiring a facility maintenance company, it is important to understand what services the company offers. The same is true of facility maintenance jobs. If you are looking to become a facilities maintenance technician, you need to know what your duties will be. The answers to the questions below can help both those looking at facility maintenance companies to contract with as well as those looking for employment.

Facility Maintenance Jobs

What is the difference between facility maintenance and total facility maintenance?

Facility maintenance usually includes responsibilities aimed primarily toward keeping the facility clean, safe and healthy. It may also include “light” facility maintenance, such as light plumbing fixes and HVAC air filter replacement. Total facility maintenance usually includes more in-dept maintenance such as plumbing and electrical work, which total facility maintenance companies may do themselves but often contract to certified entities such as plumbers and electricians.

What work do facility maintenance companies do?

Again, it depends on the commercial cleaning services provider, but the best facility maintenance companies usually offer services in two areas: building maintenance and tenant services. Building maintenance services can include light plumbing and electrical, HVAC/filter services, facility protection and safety systems, and light carpentry and repair work. These are in addition to the cleaning and disinfecting of the facility. Tenant services often include work such as moving assistance, interplant delivery, security escorting, call center help, recycling, and crib attendant duties.

How many employees does the facility maintenance team include?

As one might expect, this depends on the size of (a) the facility maintenance company, (b) the facility being cleaned, and (3) the area within the facility that the contract specifies to be cleaned. For example, a much larger team is needed to clean a stadium or large hospital vs. a small retail store. Similarly, some commercial cleaning services contracts include maintaining outdoor areas, such as parking lots and lawn care as well as pest control.

How long does it take to clean a facility? How often Is it cleaned – weekly, monthly?

The amount of time and the cleaning frequency required to maintain a facility depend on the size of the facility and what the commercial cleaning services contact specifies as the scope of work. Except for facilities such as seldom-used storage areas, most facilities require cleaning at least once daily while frequently touched surfaces often require multiple cleanings per day. Surface in some types of facilities, such as hospitals and other healthcare facilities must be cleaned following each individual patient’s use.

What equipment and chemicals are used for most facility maintenance tasks?

The equipment and chemicals used varies, depending on the task and needs of the facility. However, nearly all facilities require the use of a cleaner/detergent and a disinfectant for surfaces and a floor care formulation. Equipment to maintain floors (mops, floor scrubbers, i-mops) carpet (vacuums), and surfaces (microfiber cloths, brushes) are some required equipment. The best facility maintenance companies keep abreast of new product innovations and technologies that can enhance quality while saving labor time and money. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also necessary.

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