We Operate in a Range of Vertical Market Sectors

Since the COVID-19 shutdown, safety is on the minds of every person who enters your facility. How can you be confident you are providing building occupants with the healthiest environment possible, keep up on cleaning and disinfecting innovations, and maintain your budget?

You need a facility services partner you can trust to meet these custodial challenges for you.

That partner is Servicon.

Relying on science-validated and real-world tested cleaning and disinfecting methodology and protocols, Servicon removes the guesswork, handling the demands of keeping your large, complex facilities safe, clean, and compliant so you can concentrate on running your business.

Stacey Wong, VP of Sales


From reducing HAIs to raising HCAHPS scores, from cleanroom services to floor care—and every EVS service in between—we have your back when it comes to maintaining a clean, safe, healthcare environment.


With 48 years of aerospace facility maintenance experience, we have what you need to assure a clean, secure, and compliant environment that will help your business take off and keep it flying high.


You need a custodial services company that protects your real estate investment by keeping your buildings healthy and your tenants happy while showing the world your socially responsible side.


Few buildings are under more scrutiny for infection prevention than those open to the public. We provide the facility cleaning services you need to keep your building occupants safe and your doors open.


We have the infection-prevention knowledge, cleaning expertise, and event support you need. Our services include flexible staffing, fast response times, and workers trained in proper VIP protocol — that will earn your entertainment facility a standing ovation.


With so much at stake when it comes to manufacturing, you need a professional, experienced custodial services provider with our stellar safety record to keep production up and running smoothly.