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Environmental, Social, and Governance at Servicon

What is ESG? ESG is a framework used to evaluate a company’s environmental and social impact, as well as its ethical responsibility and internal governance practices.

Our ESG Commitment Pillars

These four core pillars form the foundation for ensuring Servicon’s culture and actions positively impact the environment, clients, employees, and the communities we serve.

Creating opportunities to empower and support our employees to thrive and fostering a workplace environment that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion where everyone feels respected, understood, and that they belong.

Contributing to systemic change and supporting development among disadvantaged communities to promote education and training, health equity, employment opportunities, and food equity.

Implementing environmentally responsible cleaning and facilities maintenance services and business practices focused on reducing, reusing, and recycling to protect the environment today and into the future.

Ethics & Integrity:
Being accountable from the top down by leading with integrity and honesty, conducting business ethically and fairly, and complying with all laws and regulations while setting the same expectations with our business partners.

Our ESG Approach

Doing Well By Doing Right
Servicon has elevated ESG by launching our ESG platform—Thrive: Doing Well by Doing Right—to integrate and further our sustainability, social, and governance efforts.

Our ESG platform is an integrated framework that underpins business strategy, embedding the ethos of “doing well by doing right” into every decision we make and the overall functioning of our business.

For more information, please read our ESG policy statement.

Our ESG Purpose

Foster and elevate our culture of doing well by doing right to create a better future for our employees, clients, communities, and the environment.​

Our ESG Vision

Create a positive impact on people, the planet, and profit for everyone to thrive today and into the future.

Our ESG Strategy includes the following activities, underpinned by collective effort:

Listen to our stakeholders
  • Engage with stakeholders and understand what they value
Assess our ESG risks and opportunities
  • Understand what’s important for our business
Set priorities and measurable, timebound impact goals
  • Develop programs, practices, and initiatives to drive outcomes
Support organization through education and learning
  • Understand and raise awareness of the impact actions have on people and the planet
Focus on continuous improvement
  • Establish baseline measures
  • Measure and assess progress against goals
  • Ongoing evaluation of priorities and programs — adapt and pivot
Report on our plan and progress to all stakeholders
  • Provide transparent reporting.

A Year of Progress and Impact: 2023 Highlights


Our annual Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) from our 2023 employee engagement survey

Percent of hourly employees that were paid at least 50 cents above minimum wage

Number of senior leaders completing newly launched Managing at Servicon:  Leadership Foundations Program, including our CEO


27% Increase

Increase in the number of community organizations supported through ServiconCares vs. 2022

Helped fund more than14,700

Gallons of water distributed through The Water Box initiative, a partnership with County Supervisor Hilda Salis, SoCalGas, and LAMission


Scholarships dollars funded


15% reduction

In greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, down to 493 metric tons (MTs) from 577 MTs in 2022 

trees planted through TreePeople in shadeless urban areas of underserved communities

Energy Star Score, within the top 25% of energy-efficient buildings 
(*average for all buildings)  

8th Year ISSA CIMS Certified

Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Building certification (CIMS-GB), 6 years with honors


Trees planted through TreePeople in shadeless urban areas of underserved communities 

Ethics & Integrity


Compliance training completion

0.83 EMR

Experience Modification Rate, reflecting safety experience excellence relative to industry average performance


Customer satisfaction score, in the top tier, up 3% vs 2022


The Core of Who We Are

Servicon subscribes to building a people-focused culture with our employees through genuine interactions, trust with clients, and partnerships with others. We actively create opportunities for their growth and prosperity. When employees feel valued and supported, they become catalysts for positive change.

Prioritizing our people isn’t just a strategy; it’s ingrained in Servicon’s identity.

De'von Meshack


Richard Conti, Chief People Officer

Our mission is to provide our clients exemplary environmental, custodial, and maintenance services, and that starts with human beings. Thinking about what’s best for our employees is embedded in Servicon’s DNA. Not only is this the right thing to do for our employees, but it’s also smart for our business.

My job is to ensure our employees are happy, healthy, and thrive at work and when they go home. With over 2,000 people in 11 states, we employ various methods to drive employee engagement. Our annual employee engagement survey is the primary tool to monitor satisfaction. It provides employees an opportunity to share their opinions directly with us and for us to adjust our programs to their needs and desires. We are always looking for opportunities to continue to support our employees and their families and are excited to introduce a new pay-on-demand program in 2024.

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Our employees are fulfilled because they have leaders who genuinely care. When we promote or hire people into leadership positions, we stress the concept of servant leadership and consistently model it throughout the company. The goal of a servant leader is to serve their team members rather than vice versa. By keeping this simple concept front and center, we never forget that what’s most important is our people.


Strengthening Our Communities and Giving Back

Servicon remains committed to meaningful community support, setting a noteworthy precedent for companies regardless of scale or revenue. We firmly believe that community engagement through financial contributions, charitable events, and volunteer opportunities catalyzes building strong bonds, fostering camaraderie, and reinforcing shared values at every level.

$534,073 donated in charitable contributions to support our communities
Servicon Cares: Helping our Communities Thrive

Our Pledge to Help Local Communities Thrive

In 2021, Servicon launched ServiconCares, a donor-advised fund to support the communities vital to our company’s prosperity. Spearheaded by Gabby Mahdesian, this initiative collaborates with grassroots organizations in the areas where employees reside and operate, providing resources through grants, donations, and volunteer programs.


Shaping a Sustainable and Healthier Tomorrow

Environmental responsibility is a core Servicon priority ingrained in our organizational ethos. We seamlessly integrate sustainable practices throughout operations to minimize our ecological footprint. Whether it’s facility maintenance or client service, we prioritize using eco-friendly products and equipment and implement strategies to reduce waste, energy consumption, and emissions.

Sustainability Impact Priorities

Servicon enhances the performance of our facilities and vehicle fleet while actively reducing our environmental footprint and mitigating the risks associated with climate change. Our goal is to ensure that every resource is utilized optimally, significantly curtailing waste and energy generation.

Sustainability Council

In August 2023, Servicon introduced its Sustainability Council, led by Greg Mahdesian, a Climate Resolve advisory board member. The council spearheads Servicon’s sustainability initiatives, including experts across diverse fields, and is committed to supporting our clients in achieving their sustainability objectives with greater efficacy.

Ethics & Integrity

Leading With Trust

Integrity is the cornerstone of everything Servicon does. Our enduring relationships with clients span decades, reflecting their trust in us as a reliable and responsible partner. We actively seek partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to ethical values, further reinforcing integrity and responsible business practices.


Ensuring Transparency and Accountability

Servicon’s Board of Directors oversees the governance of the business and is responsible for accountability. This oversight body ensures the company operates with financial prudence and ethical standards, adhering to relevant laws and regulations while considering the welfare and interests of our stakeholders: employees, vendor partners, clients, and communities.

ESG Governance and Oversight

Servicon’s Board of Directors assumes a pivotal oversight role. The Board sets the foundational purpose and vision for our ESG initiatives, ensuring alignment with stakeholder priorities to uphold Servicon’s core values. It monitors ESG reporting, impact goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) while diligently assessing ESG risks and opportunities to sustain our organization’s culture and values.

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