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Janitorial jobs and janitorial supervisor jobs are among the most important in today’s society. They are also often called custodial jobs. Workers in these roles help prevent infectious diseases from spreading by creating clean environments that keep people healthy and safe.

While the health and safety of building occupants are top priorities for janitors, some people don’t realize the significant positive impact janitorial jobs have on businesses and the economy. Without janitors, companies in all industries would close, bringing the economy to a complete standstill and creating an unfathomable world. Consider what would happen to the industries below if there were no janitors.

Hospitals. Without janitorial workers—referred to as environmental services (EVS) providers in healthcare—there could be no healing. Patients would become sicker from infections transmitted by surfaces contaminated with dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Doctors, nurses, other staff, and visitors would become ill and stop saving lives. Disease would spread quickly, as would word of the unsanitary conditions. Sooner rather than later, hospitals and other healthcare facilities would close, and there would be no place for people to go when they are sick.

Manufacturing. Many manufacturing facilities require clean rooms to prevent dirt and debris from entering the manufacturing process and causing products and equipment to malfunction. Without workers performing janitorial jobs, assembly lines would be forced to halt production while employees would become too sick to come to work. The manufacturers would be forced to close their doors and declare bankruptcy.

Schools and universities. With immune systems that are not fully formed, young children are among the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Studies show clean learning environments reduce student and teacher illness and absenteeism and improve performance and mental health. Other studies show a lack of sanitary conditions is the cause of one in four deaths of children under 5. With outbreaks spreading especially fast in schools, disease would soon become rampant, forcing schools at all levels to—you got it—close their doors. Homeschooling could be an option—unless there were no janitors in the facilities where the parents worked, allowing dangerous pathogens to be introduced into the home atmosphere. One shudders to imagine what the world would be like for generations without access to the education and social learning schools provide, not to mention the economic repercussions not only for the schools themselves but all the industries, like retail, food service, and manufacturing, that rely on school sales.

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Aerospace. Especially in these uncertain times, janitorial jobs are essential to our nation’s safety. Consider that dirt and debris in an engine can destroy the airworthiness of everything from airplanes and jet fighters to tanks and missals—even space shuttles, with even worse consequences if the debris isn’t removed before takeoff.

Entertainment. How soon would it take mice to take to the movies if no one was cleaning theaters? Would musicians agree to perform in filthy venues? Would you allow children to attend an amusement park that no janitor cleaned? The questions like this are limitless. So, too, would be the effects on business and the economy in an entertainment world without janitors.

Foodservice. The mere idea of no janitorial jobs in food service is beyond gross. Already as many as 18 food service establishments are shut down every week by the health department in Orange County alone due to a lack of cleanliness. Imagine this number exploding due to a lack of janitors. Not only would the restrooms and dining areas be dirty, but the kitchens would be too. Imagine the buildup of food and grease on surfaces, unavoidable cross-contamination, and their negative impact on the food being produced and/or served. Patrons would stop coming, and eateries of all types would be forced to close faster than local health departments could shut them down.

Janitorial jobs and janitorial supervisor jobs are essential to business and human survival. Few professions can say that, and indeed no careers are more worthy.

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