Hospital EVS Providers Do More Than Clean

Many people understand that hospital environmental services (EVS) providers and medical facility cleaning services handle the cleaning and disinfecting of these facilities to prevent the spread of infection. However, many don’t realize the vital role they have in other areas of patient recovery and facilities support. Below are some duties EVS workers perform outside standard hospital cleaning services.

Patient interaction. Studies have shown that EVS workers often spend more time in patients’ rooms than doctors or nurses. Patients and their families also may feel more comfortable talking with EVS workers than other hospital staff. So while EVS workers must ensure proper infection-prevention procedures are always followed, they must also be capable of interacting with—and being empathetic toward—patients. This ability can have a surprising impact on Patient Satisfaction Surveys and HCAHPS scores.

Staff cooperation. Besides interacting with patients, EVS technicians must form good working relationships with other hospital staff. This can include everything from start-of-shift meetings with nurses to discover which patients are on that day’s discharge list to ensuring staff can get in touch with supervisors in cases of emergencies.

Identification of safety hazards. Because EVS workers are tasked with cleaning and disinfecting every area and surface in a hospital, they are usually the first to identify issues that could be a safety threat. This includes hazards that need to be fixed, such as broken bed rails and furniture to cracked windows and flooring that can cause slips, trips, and falls.

Reporting of safety concerns. Once they have discovered a potential safety hazard, EVS technicians usually have a standard procedure for reporting these to the hospital or medical facility’s maintenance department. This is essential to prevent minor safety issues from becoming major safety hazards.

Hospital EVS Providers

Light maintenance. While extensive repairs and facility maintenance are left to the hospital’s maintenance department or third-party tradespeople, many EVS providers offer light maintenance services. These usually fall into two categories. One is light facility maintenance, which can include services such as:

  • Replacing HVAC filters
  • Light electrical and plumbing
  • Minor carpentry and repair
  • Facility security system work.

The second category is occupant-focused tenant services, which often include offerings such as:

  • Crib attendant
  • Moving
  • Security escorting
  • Recycling
  • Call Center
  • Interplant delivery

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