Shaping a Sustainable, Healthier Tomorrow

Environmental responsibility is a core Servicon priority ingrained in our organizational ethos. We seamlessly integrate sustainable practices throughout operations to minimize our ecological footprint. Whether it’s facility maintenance or client service, we prioritize using eco-friendly products and equipment and implement strategies to reduce waste, energy consumption, and emissions.

Our sustainable energy improvements include:

  • Solar panel installations
  • Energy-efficient lighting upgrades
  • Daylighting through skylights
  • Implementation of air handling unit timing controls.

Sustainability Impact Priorities

Servicon remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the performance of our facilities and vehicle fleet while actively reducing our environmental footprint.

We are ardently committed to improving facility and vehicle performance while lowering environmental impact. Through targeted initiatives like electrifying our fleet and optimizing energy conservation within our facilities, Servicon actively strives to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Please read our sustainability statement for more information.

Sustainability Council

In August 2023, Servicon introduced its Sustainability Council, led by Greg Mahdesian, a Climate Resolve advisory board member. Comprising experts across diverse fields, the council spearheads Servicon’s sustainability initiatives. Leveraging the resources of our facilities, fleet, and supplies division, we are devoted to implementing tangible improvements to our sustainability practices. Moreover, we are committed to supporting our clients in achieving their sustainability objectives with greater efficacy.

Sustainability Accreditations

Servicon is proud of our third consecutive CIMS Green Building with Honors certification, and our LEED-Platinum certification for Servicon’s headquarters underscores our focus on energy efficiency and promoting occupant well-being. Certifications from the California Green Business Network and Culver City’s Sustainable Business Certification Program highlight our sustainable operations and community involvement. Achieving ENERGY STAR certification for our facilities for three consecutive years reflects the ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and protecting the environment.

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Hear from Greg Mahdesian, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, about his involvement with sustainability at Servicon.

While I was still a child, Servicon spearheaded ‘Green Cleaning’ and drove its adoption throughout the industry. That left a mark on my own identity, giving me a deeper understanding of the organization my grandparents founded and our impact on the environment. Coming of age during the climate crisis put the importance of sustainability initiatives into sharp relief—they’re not ‘nice to have’ but rather something we ‘must do.’ It turns out they’re also good for business.   

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Servicon has two facilities, a supplies division, and a fleet, that we can eventually use to reach net zero. However, our primary focus is being a service provider to some of the nation’s largest, most complex facilities. Our most significant impact will be helping clients achieve and surpass their own sustainability goals. We can take immediate action with our Facilities Maintenance Services (FMS) program, assisting clients to replace carbon-intensive technologies like outdated HVAC systems with energy-efficient upgrades. When it comes to custodial services, we can further develop our adaptive cleaning product, SmartSpace, helping clients manage their utilization of space, energy, waste, and water consumption, as well as deploy new innovations that will have measurable, tangible benefits. Learning how and what to measure will be essential.

We need to rally the team and get our stakeholders’ buy-in to implement these ideas. We need to educate and excite and show people how they personally impact our sustainability efforts and have a direct impact on our business and the planet.

The Mahdesian Learning Center and Client Innovation Hub

Servicon’s Mahdesian Learning Center and Client Innovation Hub is the first building in Culver City to earn the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for New Construction-Platinum certification, serving as a benchmark for sustainability. Its design and functionality echo environmental responsibility, offering a carbon footprint smaller than a Toyota Prius’s.

The center’s impressive sustainable features include:

  • Rooftop and carport-mounted photovoltaic panels
  • Low-power lighting
  • Solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations
  • Drip-irrigated, native landscaping
  • A “cool roof” membrane that reflects solar radiation and super-insulates the building
  • Low-flush toilets, automatic flush, and faucets
  • Furnishing and carpeting made with post-consumer recycled materials
  • Skylights to allow for natural light.

These eco-conscious elements emphasize Servicon’s dedication to fostering education and sustainability while serving as a beacon of sustainable innovation within the community.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Servicon is passionate about sustainability, actively implementing practices to minimize environmental impacts and champion resource conservation. Our approach involves thorough audits and meticulous data analysis to pinpoint opportunities for reducing energy, water, and waste across our facilities and fleet. This reporting system quantifies impacts and provides essential data for compliance reporting and certification mandates, ensuring transparency and accountability to our clients. We partner with Green2Sustainable (G2S) for expert consulting and third-party verification.

Recycling and Waste Management

Servicon implements recycling programs at our headquarters and the distribution warehouse in Carson. We operate a single-stream recycling program that diverts paper, plastic, cardboard, and metal from landfills. We know we still have more to do, so we are committed to improving recycling practices at both facilities to increase our diversion rates.

Fleet Management and Emissions Reduction

Servicon focuses on the sustainable management of its fleet, which is the biggest opportunity to impact our environmental footprint, specifically on cost reduction, compliance, and safety. We have initiated an ambitious program to transition our fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles, fostering a more sustainable fleet management approach.

Green Cleaning Program

Healthier, More Sustainable Spaces

Servicon prioritizes human and environmental well-being through our Green Cleaning Program. Aligned with esteemed industry standards like Green Seal GS-42 and LEED, we carefully select eco-friendly cleaning agents and equipment, effectively managing indoor chemical sources while optimizing cleaning tasks sustainably. Continual product testing remains integral to our process, ensuring optimal performance in our client’s facilities and delivering effective and cost-saving cleaning outcomes.

Sustainable Technology and Equipment

Servicon implements solutions that reduce water usage, chemical dependency, product waste, cardboard packaging, plastic consumption, and transportation requirements, effectively diminishing waste generation and lowering our carbon footprint. Our sustainable equipment incorporates several environmentally friendly features that align with low-emission and high-efficiency practices.

Microfiber Technology

Servicon embraces microfiber technology as part of our environmentally conscious approach to cleaning. Endorsed by esteemed organizations such as the EPA, American Hospital Association, and US Green Building Council, microfiber cloths offer numerous benefits. These cloths absorb over seven times their weight in water, enhancing efficiency while reducing resource usage.

SmartSpace Adaptive Cleaning

SmartSpace Adaptive Cleaning is an innovative product that integrates established manual methodologies with a forward-thinking, data-driven approach to facility management. Leveraging our proprietary SmartSpace product, we optimize cost savings by synchronizing cleaning schedules with occupancy levels, minimizing unnecessary cleaning and resource utilization.

Collaborative Sustainability Solutions

Achieving Client Goals Together

Forging strong, collaborative client partnerships, we help advance their sustainability goals through customized solutions. Servicon assists clients’ sites with waste reduction, linen optimization, energy efficiency, water conservation, and eco-friendly supplies and equipment selection. We also offer facility maintenance services to support clients’ environmental requirements for energy conservation, water conservation, effluent control, alternative energy use, carbon footprint reduction, and regulatory compliance, ensuring long-term environmental stewardship.

Our collaborative efforts have led to our clients receiving esteemed sustainability awards.

85% of paper products sourced are eco-friendly

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