Facility Maintenance Companies: What to Know Before You Hire

Locating top facilities maintenance companies to ask for a request for proposal (RFP) can often be more complicated than it seems. For starters, some claim to offer total facility maintenance. Yet once you dig a little deeper, you discover a laundry list of things you need that are not included, such as HVAC filter changing or light carpentry and repair.

Other facility maintenance services make it slightly easier. They acknowledge what they don’t provide from the outset, such as commercial cleaning services or hospital environmental services. However, you can still be left guessing about what services they do provide. The point is not to deceive you. Rather it is the fact that facility maintenance services can mean different things to different suppliers.

With this in mind, the Q&A below will help answer some of the most common questions surrounding facility maintenance. The answers aim to make it easier to narrow down the list of top facilities maintenance companies and help you select those best suited to your facility.

Q. What is the difference between facility management and facility maintenance?

A. Facility management usually oversees all or most aspects of a building – everything from maintenance (including contracting outside contractors such as plumbers and electricians) and security to staffing and tenant issues. In contrast, facility maintenance services primarily relate to the physical upkeep of buildings.

Q. What is the objective of building maintenance work?

A. The objective of facility maintenance is one of four types: corrective, preventative, predictive, or deferred.

Q. What things are included in facility maintenance?

A. What is included in facility maintenance can vary greatly. Some offer commercial cleaning services as well as light maintenance and tenant services. Some also provide hospital environmental services. It is wise to get a complete list, in writing, of all the services a company offers. It is also suggested you contact former or current clients to get an idea of how the company performed in each area. Some companies may tout an impressive list of total facility maintenance services but only perform a handful well.

Top Facilities Maintenance Companies

Q. What are some building maintenance services performed by top facilities maintenance companies?

A. As stated above, the offerings can vary greatly. However, below are some services offered by top facilities maintenance companies:

  • Plumbing and electrical
  • HVAC/filter services
  • Facility protection/safety systems
  • Carpentry and repair work
  • Moving assistance
  • Interplant delivery
  • Security escorting
  • Recycling options
  • Crib attendant.

Q. What are the benefits of proper building maintenance?

A. The benefits of proper maintenance of a facility include

  • Increased building safety
  • Extending the lifespan of assets, such as carpet, flooring, and other materials and surfaces
  • Less extensive repairs, including labor and material costs
  • Improved building appearance.

Q. What are the risks of long-term poor building maintenance?

A. Some of the long-term risks associated with buildings that are not maintained include:

  • Occupants being in an unsafe and/or unhealthy environment
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Increase in workers’ compensation claims
  • Negative reputation
  • Lawsuits
  • More extensive and expensive repairs
  • Building code fines
  • Building condemnation
  • Possible demolition.

Q. How is facilities management measured?

A. The best method to determine that a facility is being properly managed and maintained is to use site-specific data obtained through facility management software, such as CrowdComfort and SmartInspect.

Q. What is the impact of building maintenance on property value?

A. The impact of building maintenance on property value can be substantial. Keeping a building in good shape means higher rents and sale prices. Some estimates show that failing to maintain the roof, foundation, and HVAC alone can cause a 10% loss in value for a home. This number is thought to be higher for commercial properties. Meanwhile, poor maintenance can mean the opposite. For those looking for lending, facilities in poor condition can lower lenders’ appraisals and jeopardize the sale if the building appraises for less than the selling price.

The answers to these questions won’t ensure you only send RFPs to companies that offer top facilities maintenance services, but they should help you know what you are getting before you sign a contract.

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