Quality Commercial Cleaning Services Require Top Talent

How Servicon attracts, hires, and retains the best workers in the industry

It is no secret that the employee turnover rate in the janitorial and commercial cleaning services industry is high. Estimates vary, but one in-depth study found the rate averages 200% but can soar as high as 400% annually. And one thing is certain: The current labor market is not helping to improve the situation.

Businesses in all industries are struggling to attract, hire, and retain qualified job candidates, often to the point of having to reduce their hours and days of operation due to labor shortages. Yet Servicon’s employment record has never been more robust.

Figures & Facts

Consider some of our statistics for the last 12 months:

  • 703—New employees hired
  • 320—Hires from referrals—45% of new employees
  • 79%—Employee retention rate.

In addition, our field reps stay with us on average for nine years, and we have numerous employees who have been with us for two and even three decades.

Maintaining these employment figures takes hard work from Servicon’s recruitment and hiring team members. It also requires buy-in from top management and the loyalty of our workers who recommend us as an employer. It also calls for effective processes to attract, hire, and retain candidates qualified to work in the commercial cleaning services industry and who share Servicon’s mission, vision, and values.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of Servicon’s processes, what makes them effective, and the benefits they bring to our clients.

Recruiting Talent

To ensure we can find the best candidates, Servicon:

  • Conducts in-depth regional market research, including a wage analysis, for all positions
  • Determines a pay scale that will attract and retain qualified talent
  • Partners with local community groups and media for targeted ad campaigns
  • Uses iCIMS recruiting software for all phases of the recruitment and hiring processes
  • Posts all available positions on Servicon.com and multiple social media platforms
  • Partners with local community organizations, government agencies, and trade schools to recruit.

Hiring Candidates

Servicon recruiting and hiring managers:

  • Schedule multilevel interviews so that candidates learn from different levels of the organization
  • Select candidates who are good fits with Servicon and match client and location needs
  • Streamlines the process so candidates can begin earning money quickly, or the start can be delayed when needed
  • Onboard candidates to provide a complete company overview that includes a glimpse of where they may fit in the company’s future.

Retaining Employees

To help ensure the initial and ongoing job satisfaction of its employees, Servicon:

  • Conducts 30-, 60-, and 90-day employment checkups to address any questions and ensure new hires are adapting well to their new roles
  • Checks in with employees for one-on-one coaching and other meetings regularly
  • Gives current employees priority in applying for new positions and promotions
  • Ensures employees have access to Servicon’s ever-expanding training programs
  • Provides promotional gear, new uniforms, and monetary referral incentives
  • Encourages employees to follow our employee Facebook page and take part in gift card giveaways
  • Keeps employees current on the latest company news and promotional opportunities.


Servicon’s recruitment, hiring, and retention processes allow us to:

  • Attract the most qualified job candidates
  • Hire labor faster
  • Maintain a stable workforce
  • Ensure employees are current on regulations and best practices
  • Have experienced employees to help new hires acclimate
  • Develop employee loyalty through our culture of caring.

Client Benefits

For our clients, Servicon’s recruitment, hiring, and retention processes ensure:

  • An experienced, stable, and consistent team that knows their sites’ needs
  • Regulatory compliance metrics are met or exceeded
  • Special labor requests can be filled faster and with quality candidates
  • Employees well-versed in proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols
  • Workers dedicated to producing top-quality outcomes.

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining qualified candidates is challenging. But thanks to our employees, management, company culture, and processes, we continue to be able to add the best people to our Servicon family.

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