Serving Complex Spaces Across Sectors

Every Industry is Unique.
It Takes a Unique Company to Serve Them.

Complex industries have complex spaces, something that Servicon happens to specialize in. From comprehensive cleaning to the full spectrum of facility maintenance, we have the staff, expertise, and ability to handle your needs and help you excel.

Healthcare Icon


From reducing HAIs and improving HCAHPS scores to providing comprehensive cleanroom and floor care services, we are committed to ensuring a clean, safe healthcare environment for all.

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With over 50 years of experience in aerospace facility maintenance, we have the expertise to ensure a clean, secure, and compliant environment that will help your business soar and continue to reach new heights.

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Life Sciences

With over 30 years of experience in complex life science environments, Servicon’s highly trained GMP technicians and managers meticulously adhere to our clients’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

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We assist off-planet space companies in delivering groundbreaking innovations by providing cleanroom cleaning and maintenance technicians who ensure full regulatory compliance.

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Public buildings are under intense scrutiny for infection prevention. We offer facility cleaning services to keep occupants safe and doors open.

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We help safeguard your real estate investment by maintaining healthy buildings and ensuring tenant satisfaction while showcasing your commitment to social responsibility.

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High-stakes manufacturing demands a professional, experienced custodial services provider like us, with a stellar safety record, to ensure smooth production operations.

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We provide infection-prevention expertise, cleaning proficiency, and event support with flexible staffing, quick response times, and VIP-trained workers, ensuring your entertainment facility earns a standing ovation.