4 Reasons Commercial Cleaning Services Ain’t What They Used to Be

If you recently hired a commercial cleaning services provider after not doing so for a while, you may have been shocked. It’s not like it was in the old days when providers of commercial janitorial services promised a thorough cleaning of everything for one low price. The reasons for this are many, including those below.

Health vs. appearance

Previously, the look and smell tests were all most clients needed to ensure their facilities were clean. If it had a “clean” or pleasant aroma and no visible dirt and debris, clients assumed that the commercial cleaning services provider had done a good job. Today, especially since the dawn of COVID-19, the need to clean for health first reigns supreme. Cleaning for health takes more time. A quick once-over with a wipe no longer cuts it. Surfaces must be cleaned and, in many cases, disinfected, allowing for the correct dwell time in order for the disinfectant to work. For all commercial cleaners, but especially hospital environmental services (EVS), paying attention only to what is visible can cause sickness and even death.

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Building materials and surfaces have changed drastically. Take flooring. In the past, most industrial and commercial sites had linoleum that came in rolls and was relatively easy to clean. Today, flooring includes everything from carpeting to vinyl to wood and cement in commercial settings. Materials in other areas have also multiplied. Today’s commercial cleaners can find themselves cleaning everything from stone, granite, and grouted tile to resin, plastics, and stainless steel­—and many other surface coatings—all in a single location.


Today, cleaning apps make sure cleaning technicians don’t miss a room and facilities are adequately staffed. ATP meters ensure that surfaces that were supposed to be cleaned are clean. Electrostatic sprayers offer 360-degree disinfection. Floor scrubbers map their route autonomously using laser technology to clean around furniture. The list of new cleaning technologies goes on. The days of commercial cleaners grabbing a mop, bucket, dust rag, and detergent to clean a complex facility are long gone. New technology requires clients to communicate their specific needs to know what equipment will best suit the job. You should find out if a commercial cleaning services provider has the right equipment to fulfill your needs before signing a contract. If a floor needs polishing, a floor polisher is necessary.

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If a floor needs polishing, someone who knows how to polish that type of floor is also necessary. As cleaning becomes more advanced, it requires cleaning technicians to receive more, and more specialized, training. This should come as little surprise since this trend toward specialization is prevalent in nearly every other trade. You would not hire a plumber to fix your electricity. Today, you would not hire your average cleaning company to clean your ductwork or replace your HVAC filters unless you know this is something they are trained in and do regularly.

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