What is an EVS Technician?

EVS Technician Definition

Environmental Services (EVS) Technicians are responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, and other facility maintenance activities in hospitals or healthcare spaces. Previously, individuals in this profession were called various names, including janitor, housekeeper, and custodian. The cleaning and disinfecting duties in hospitals or other healthcare settings usually differ from those of janitorial service companies or other industries.

Key Considerations


In addition to cleaning and disinfecting, EVS technicians must regularly handle biohazards, such as blood, feces, urine, and other bodily fluids. They also handle other unique duties, such as the disposal of needles and other sharps. The best hospital EVS service companies also provide empathy training for their EVS technicians since, on average, they spend more time in patients’ rooms than medical staff. As a result, patients often feel more comfortable speaking with the EVS technicians.

Why is EVS important in hospitals?

Hospital Environmental Services (EVS) is a very important part of making sure hospitals are safe and healthy places to be. EVS is the department in healthcare centers that cleans, disinfects, and takes care of the physical environment. Here are a few important things about hospital EVS:

Controlling infections: Because hospitals are filled with people who are sick, infections can spread easily. The EVS staff cleans and disinfects high-touch surfaces, patient rooms, surgery rooms, and public areas by following strict rules. This helps lower the chance of infections caused by medical care and keeps patients, visitors, and medical staff safe.

Patient Safety: For patient safety, the surroundings needs to be clean and well-kept. The EVS team makes sure that patient rooms and common areas are clean, free of clutter, and safe. This lowers the chance of falls and other accidents, which makes patients safer and happier in general.

Compliance with regulations: Healthcare facilities must follow strict rules set by government agencies and accreditation groups. Hospital EVS staff make sure that these standards are followed by using the right cleaning and disinfecting methods, keeping records, and taking part in checks.

Improved Recovery: A patient’s recovery can be helped by a clean and comfortable setting. When patients are in a place that is clean and well taken care of, they feel more at ease. This can help their general health and may even speed up the healing process.

EVS Technicians play a crucial role

Infection Prevention and Control: It is the job of EVS workers to make sure that cleaning and disinfecting procedures work well. They help lower the risk of healthcare-associated infections by completely cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, patient rooms, operating rooms, and public areas. Their work is a big part of keeping the hospital safe and clean for patients, guests, and the people who work there.

Keeping the environment clean and organized: EVS workers make sure that healthcare facilities are clean, organized, and well-kept. They clean patient rooms, common areas, and administrative spaces on a regular basis, getting rid of clutter and keeping the place clean and inviting. A clean setting not only helps keep patients safe, but also makes things better for patients, visitors, and staff as a whole.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Government agencies and accreditation groups set strict rules and regulations that healthcare centers must follow. Technicians at EVS are familiar with these standards and make sure the building meets all of the requirements. For legal compliance, they follow specific cleaning procedures, keep records, and take part in inspections.

Waste Management: It is the job of EVS technicians to make sure that waste is handled correctly in healthcare places. They take care of and get rid of medical waste, such as needles, biohazardous materials, and other things that could spread disease, by following set rules. Their knowledge of how to deal with dangerous waste keeps everyone in the healthcare center and the environment safe.

EVS Technician
EVS Technician
EVS Technician

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