New UV Technology Ensures the Quality of Servicon’s EVS for Hospitals

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The use of proper infection-prevention protocols by environmental services (EVS) for hospitals and other healthcare settings is vital. This makes training new hospital and healthcare EVS workers and ensuring all EVS team members are following proper cleaning and disinfecting practices at all times crucial.

To help ensure this high level of EVS proficiency, Servicon has adopted the innovation called Dazo®.*

Dazo is a fluorescent marking gel and UV/blacklight system Servicon uses to ensure we meet our cleaning, disinfection, and infection-prevention standards. The fluorescent gel, visible only with a blacklight, is placed on high-touch surfaces and other areas that may pose a cleaning challenge throughout the hospital. Using a blacklight, a supervisor checks these surfaces after a cleaning shift to determine the level of cleaning performed.

Dazo Features for Hospital EVS

The Dazo system is:

  • Objective
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Invisible to the naked eye
  • Widely studied by researchers as a way to improve cleaning outcomes.

Advantages for EVS Hospital Leaders

The Dazo system allows EVS hospital site supervisors to:

  • Audit ongoing cleaning performance
  • Provide objective and immediate feedback to EVS hospital staff
  • Ensure regulatory and contractual compliance
  • Recognize technicians who are cleaning thoroughly
  • Assist with onboarding new hospital EVS technicians
  • Identify where additional training may be needed
  • Support high quality standards.

Benefits to Hospitals & Stakeholders

The Dazo system provides hospitals and other healthcare facilities reassurance that:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting is being done thoroughly and properly
  • EVS performance is being monitored
  • EVS healthcare technicians are being held accountable
  • New EVS hires are being trained to the hospital’s scope of work
  • The hospital is always prepared for unannounced agency audits
  • The hospital is offering its patients the cleanest, safest environment to heal.

Technology the Servicon Way

At Servicon, we are always looking for technologies to further enhance our cleaning, disinfecting, and infection-prevention healthcare services. Yet, we only adopt innovations supported by scientific research, reliable data, and real-world testing. Through our partnership with The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS), we have access to a network of leading epidemiologists and other top infection-prevention scientists. In addition, our Innovation Council researches emerging technologies. We adopt only those innovations that produce superior results, enhanced efficiencies for our clients, and greater ease of use for our workers while protecting human health and the environment. To learn more about other innovations we are adopting at Servicon, visit

The Servicon EVS for Hospitals Advantage

Are you a California-based hospital or healthcare facility interested in finding out more about our EVS services and innovative cleaning and disinfecting services? Visit our  healthcare EVS page or contact Stacey Wong at

* Dazo is licensed solely to Ecolab, Inc.

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