What is Sustainability?

Sustainability Definition

What is sustainability?

Sustainability, when concerning hospital Environmental Services (EVS) services, means taking a whole-systems approach and making a long-term commitment to finding a balance between environmental, social, and economic factors. It ensures that the healthcare facility can stay operational and function well in the future. It uses methods that have the least harmful effects on the environment, improve general health and well-being, and make the best use of resources, all while keeping the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Key Considerations

Sustainability in hospital EVS programs means using environmentally friendly methods to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint and make as little trash as possible. It may involve using cleaning tools that use less energy, starting recycling and trash management programs, and buying cleaning products that are good for the environment.

Sustainability in EVS services stresses the importance of improving public health and ensuring that patients, staff, and guests are safe by using effective cleaning and disinfecting procedures that follow strict rules for preventing infections. Hospitals can stop the spread of pathogens, cut down on healthcare-associated diseases, and protect the health of everyone in the building.

Also, sustainability in EVS means making the best use of resources to ensure they are efficient and cost-effective with careful planning and monitoring of cleaning plans, good inventory management, and, where possible, the use of new technologies and automation. Hospitals can reduce waste, save resources, and spend their money more wisely by making cleaning processes as efficient as possible.

By using sustainable practices, healthcare centers can help make the environment healthier and cleaner, improve the health of their patients, make their staff happier, and ensure their long-term success in the face of new challenges.

Servicon’s inaugural ESG Impact Report outlines the company's commitment to integrating sustainability and governance practices into its strategy, emphasizing transparency and the goal of positively impacting employees, clients, and the environment.


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