Smart Bathrooms = Optimized Labor and Better Tenant Experience

It’s hard to find a person who has never heard about Internet of Things (IoT). What started as a novel theory is now a concept fully integrated in our everyday life. It is not only our homes and cars that are implementing IoT. Our workplaces are finding a multitude of ways to use IoT, thus automating our jobs more and more with each passing year.

It is no surprise that the benefits offered by IoT devices have become a particular interest of many facility managers directly responsible for budget control, staff optimization and tenant experience.

So, in what ways can IoT help facility managers reach their goals?

Everyone involved with the day-to-day operations of a building knows that one of the most critical areas of any facility are its bathrooms. Many tenants and visitors judge a facility based upon the cleanliness of the restrooms, as it shows how much the employer cares for its employees/guests.

One of the latest IoT technologies, Onvation by Kimberly-Clark Professional, helps optimize the maintenance of the bathrooms in a facility by monitoring its current conditions from any device.

How does it work?

  • Sensors are installed on their proprietary tissue/towel/soap dispensers and counters on doors
  • Real-time data is sent to the cloud over a secure network
  • Automatic text messages notify building managers about the product levels, battery levels, usage rates, product malfunctions, and overall foot traffic
  • Remote confirmation is sent out when an issue has been solved

Knowing data about restroom conditions helps allocate labor by prioritizing staff to work problem areas rather than solely relying on fixed schedules. This enables facilities management to resolve issues before they become customer complaints.

The Onvation Technology also helps reduce maintenance costs by avoiding premature refills that often result in a waste of supplies. Receiving daily data about the maintenance of the bathrooms gives facility managers a great basis for budget adjustments and future planning.

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Photo credit: Kimberly-Clark Professional

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