Convert to Aqueous Ozone for Cleaning and Be a Leader in Sustainability

Below are three important components that will ensure your conversion to Aqueous Ozone is a success:

1. Pump-up Pressurized Sprayer

The Pump-up pressure sprayer allows the Aqueous Ozone to stay in the ozonated form for 3 hours. This special sprayer works best to avoid interrupting the reaction that makes O3 a powerful cleaning agent. In contrast to a disposable spray bottle, which costs $2 each, these pressurized spray bottles are non-disposable, last ten times longer, and cost $15 per unit (approx.).

2. Microfiber

Microfiber is an eco-friendly version of a paper towel and contains microscopic fibers that catch and hold dirt/debris better than a regular towel. Applying the liquid directly to the cloth allows it to keep its cleaning power: agitation + Ozone = super clean surfaces.

3. Patience and Training

Applying Aqueous Ozone and allowing the liquid to dwell on the surface will achieve better results, as with any cleaning chemical. As with most challenges in life, patience pays off. Train your crew to use this environmentally friendly liquid properly; the results will meet your expectations.

Many facilities are implementing green cleaning programs with the right janitorial supplies to prepare them for the next step. Will this be YOUR next sustainability initiative?

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