Smart Facility Managers Tap into Training

Day Porters can be effective Brand Ambassadors that actively reflect the mission and culture of our clients. The key to creating a customer service-driven presence at the Day Porter level is through a customized training program. This program must set the tone for a higher work standard that ignites employees’ pride and ownership in their janitorial work while tailoring its messaging to the client’s brand.

We have developed a special curriculum for our janitorial services clients who embrace this engaged cleaner concept. Many of our commercial cleaning clients fall within industries that engage with VIPs, tenants, and patients. They know that every interaction their guests have with the facilities team (janitorial cleaning/housekeeping services, security, engineering, etc.) is an opportunity to impress or frustrate their valuable associates and customers.

Our development strategy and curriculum:

Mission, Goals, and Culture – Allows team members to understand how their custodial role contributes to the client’s success

Dress and Hygiene – Professional appearance conforms to client standards

Conduct – Professional, respectful etiquette and understanding of the importance of maintaining privacy

Policies – Knowledge of and adherence to client and Servicon Policies

Lay of the Land – Knowledge of the facility layout to assist in guiding guests and tenants

Duties – Clear expectations of daily roles and responsibilities

Safety – Comprehension and practice of safety

Communication/Reporting – Importance of open communication and reporting on the possible issues

It takes teamwork from all sides of a facility manager’s team and ongoing training to standardize a brand. Are you leveraging your Day Porter role for engaged cleaners and customer satisfaction?

Check out Servicon’s for cleaning tips page for more information.

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