Want Wellness in the Workplace? Kill the Germs…

In a defining study conducted by Kimberly-Clark called The Healthy Workplace Project, researchers briefed employees on the bacteria in hi-touch areas like desks, break rooms and areas where people congregate. Sanitizers, briefings and signage were all deployed to increase employee awareness and engagement in small steps that they could easily do during the course of the day.

Hand sanitizers, wipes and facial tissues were placed on workers’ desks and in select areas of the office. Office employees were trained on how to sanitize these areas regularly. Instructional cards and signage were placed on high-traffic areas. And, highly touched objects were measured before and after the hygiene intervention using an ATP unit.

The results?

  1. 80% reduction in probability of infection for common cold and influenza
  2. 62% reduction in number of surfaces contaminated by viruses
  3. 45% reduction in absenteeism
  4. Increased tenant and employee satisfaction
  5. Increased levels of cleanliness in buildings without increased to cleaning contractors

Simply bringing awareness to the touch points and empowering people to sanitize their own space has a tremendous impact on wellness in the workplace. Spread the word!

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