When Will Commercial Cleaning Evolve? Antiquated Industries Need Disruption!

The cleaning industry is a 50+ Billion Dollar industry that affects all of us daily… It should be 7th on Entrepreneur’s list. Let’s stop the same ongoing issues with a little innovation.

Here are 5 “old school” problems Facility Managers face with their cleaning services and smart initiatives that solve them.

1. Lack of Accountability
The janitorial industry is known for its lack of accountability, but that is changing. Smart clients know their goals and how the cleaning crew can align and contribute.

Ask your janitorial company to measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that impact your goals and add some accountability to the contract for ongoing process improvement. Click here for a list of common KPIs we measure.

2. Inconsistent Cleaning
There are several reasons for inconsistent cleaning, but one mathematical equation will never change – You can’t improve performance by cutting labor.

Many times, the account is understaffed to meet realistic statement of work (SOW) expectations. Partner with a janitorial contractor to appropriately handle the building’s workload during the RFP process. This will give you a realistic understanding of the number of hours needed for cleaning your  facility based on real formulas.

3. Lack of Training
Cleaners need ongoing training on proper and effective equipment use and how to follow green cleaning processes for effectiveness.

4. Poor Supervision
Ensure your cleaning company has the right number of non-working hours dedicated to supervising and training the crew. A good supervisor will motivate and support the crew for better performance. Bad/no supervision = inconsistent performance.

5. No Employee Engagement
Did you know the new janitorial company has to hire the existing crew? Read the Labor Code 1060-1065: Janitor Displacement Act for more details.

These employees often lack loyalty to the new cleaning company. A good contractor will engage the new cleaners through proper onboarding, sharing the company’s vision, mission, and values, and explaining how their work contributes to the client’s goals. A great supervisor will reinforce this message with their crew to keep them motivated and committed to their work.

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