How Soon Will Robotics Improve Commercial Cleaning?

The cleaning pros at Servicon hosted a recent demo of the Taski Intellibot at their Culver City Mahdesian Learning Center and Client Innovation Hub by Waxie and a Taski representative. Servicon Operation Managers and our key Servicon Executives had a front-row seat to watch Intellibot read its environment, track data and adjust its positioning correctly to the many objects in the room.

As a 3rd party test, Servicon conducted its own ATP reading before and after one Intellibot pass on the Learning Center’s epoxy floor. The baseline measurement was 472 relative light units (RLUs); after the Intellibot floor scrub, the measurement dropped to 0 RLUs – an outstanding result of zero units of protein residue. So the cleaning works, but let’s look at the Pros and Cons of the overall system:

The Pros:

  • Can reduce floor care labor costs by up to 85% without compromising quality
  • Cleans on average 10,000 sq. ft. per hour (that is twice as much as an average cleaner)
  • A single battery set lasts 4 hours
  • Automatically stops within 45 seconds of sensing an obstruction
  • Communicates and tracks data using wireless technology
  • Produces productivity reports on demand
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Uses a four-stage purification system to filter and recycle water used (15 gallons per shift instead of 100 gallons of wastewater)
  • Demonstrates innovation to your clients and colleagues

The Cons:

  • Not yet cost effective to use in facilities less than 25,000 sq. ft in total because of an upfront approximate investment of $35,000 per Intellibot
  • Requires minimum 6 ft. room width— no small hallways
  • Requires a Taski technician to initially upload the floor layout into the system so it knows where it is inside the building
  • Needs a trained employee on site to prep, position and troubleshoot issues

A major benefit of this floor care automation is that on-site cleaning staff can carry out other cleaning tasks while the Intellibot is working. Activities such as window cleaning, dusting, trash disposal, etc., can be done concurrently with floors being brought to a shine or expertly vacuumed carpets.

Hand-in-hand, Intellibot and janitorial crews can significantly improve cleaning productivity within large facilities. This is an exciting possibility and allows Servicon to evolve and iterate our services as we seek to change the face of the cleaning industry.

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