Custodial and Infection-Prevention Leader Servicon President and CEO Offers Women Effective Tips to Stay Healthy During American Heart Month


Laurie Sewell, President and CEO of Servicon, a leading custodial and Infection Prevention service provider, published a series of LinkedIn articles promoting Heart Health to help guide and support women’s efforts to stay healthy during American Heart Month.

With more than 874,000 Americans dying from cardiovascular disease in 2019, according to the AHA’s “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2022 Update,” Sewell has made it her personal mission to lead the charge in women’s hearth health awareness by sharing her personal journey and exercising regularly.

Last year, Sewell was named to the American Heart Association’s Greater Los Angeles Executive Leadership Council. As a major part of the organization’s effort to “Go Red for Women,” Sewell looks to make physical and mental health a priority, finding ways to exercise that fit any age, capabilities, and lifestyle.

February was American Heart Month, a time to pay special attention to understanding, preventing and treating heart disease – the leading cause of death in the nation. Throughout the month, Sewell wrote about several topics to help spread the word to her community.

The American Heart Association’s signature women’s initiative, Go Red for Women, is a comprehensive platform designed to increase women’s heart health awareness and serve as a catalyst for change to improve the lives of women globally. The AHA suggests that to stay healthy, people should know and take the symptoms of a heart attack seriously, understanding they are not the same for women as for men.

Sewell herself, had a heart ablation a few years ago to prevent the premature ventricular contractions (PVC) that were interrupting her regular heart rhythm. Even after she started eating heart healthier and joined the AHA Executive Leadership Team, she still found it challenging to find “me” time to exercise and to help spread the word about keeping heart healthy. She discovered that she should take advantage of her positive personality traits. With this in mind, below are a few “hacks” she developed to reach her exercise goals and now shares with everyone around her.

  • Get an accountability buddy — Pick a friend who is also very busy but wants to stay fit. Talk about how exercise is good for you and utilize each other to stick to it via phone calls and Zoom sessions.
  • Mark the calendar — It is important to schedule the right number of sessions every week. Maybe you won’t always get them all in, but it is key to have a plan. Then remain flexible, understanding when one of you has to cancel or switch days. But it’s on the calendar, which mentally marks it as a priority.
  • Use technology – Sewell’s husband bought her a fitness tracker when she had the PVC procedure, to monitor heart rate and blood pressure. One of her favorite features allows you to share your exercise results with friends. It lets you see when they are exercising, so it provides additional motivation.
  • Love the dog days — One of the things Sewell likes about the days she spends working from home, besides the comfortable clothes and no commute, is that they give her time to walk the dog. A dog ensures you make time for exercise. Usually, she also listens to a podcast or calls one of her employees, as she walks. On rare occasions, she will even go tech-free, and she is learning the importance of quiet time to think and breathe.
  • Stand up for yourself – Sewell suggests a sit-stand desk. She also committed to standing for one meeting a day. Again, to hold her accountable, she told team members about it. Now they ask, “Are you standing, or did you already stand today?”

“These are a few of the things I’ve come up with to help me keep exercising,” said Sewell. “As you can see, they don’t require expensive equipment or huge commitments. They are small steps, moving me in the right direction! I still have less than perfect days and weeks, but overall, they have really kept me on track.”

“The American Heart Association is so grateful for volunteer leaders who dedicate their time and talent to support our mission,” said Laura Nichols, Vice President, Social Market, American Heart Association. “Laurie is the perfect example of a local leader whose passion, dedication, and robust network of connections create transformational growth and impact. We couldn’t be more honored for the opportunity to work alongside Laurie.”

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