KPIs for the Cleaning Industry: 5 Things Your Service Provider Should Always Measure

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are three magical letters that can make or break any business decision. The cleaning industry is no different! KPIs help the service provider and facility management team to assess the value of a specific service received. Below we share 5 KPIs that your cleaning company should always report on.

 Quality of the cleaning service

Performing regular audits and inspections tracks the quality of service provided and identifies areas that may need improvement. Inspections should highlight critical points of interests that may need unique KPIs of their own. Those points will be different for each client. For example, a high-traffic commercial building may want to focus on the maintenance of their restrooms while the healthcare clients would prioritize sanitization. Fortunately, the days of paper reports are long gone. Currently, there is a variety of technologies that enable immediate report summaries during audits. Servicon uses the Smart Inspect app which helps save all notes/complaints in the system where they can be accessed during a future inspection.

Client satisfaction scores

Client satisfaction scores should always be a priority for a service provider. If your janitorial contractor does not engage you with customary surveys, they limit their ability to understand your level of satisfaction. This will consequently weaken their performance over time. Surveys should include points of focus like overall cleanliness, response time, and satisfaction with staff. Another important factor is the NPS (Net Promoter Score): would you recommend your cleaning company to a colleague? If the answer is “No”, this is a major red flag for both you and your service provider and a change must be made as soon as possible!


Safety includes the number of incidents occurring in a set time and the number of days an employee missed due to a work-related incident. The more zeros here, the better for everyone involved! Your service provider should be ready to present this information and give you an overview of a safety training program in place.

Budget factor

Financial factor outwardly appears one of the most straightforward KPIs. For most people, the issue is if your contractor can stay within the overall budget. However, this is not the only issue that matters. The ability for the service provider to come up with ways to save you money is an important measure. This may include offering innovative programs that reduce labor, supply, and even management cost to the customer. This measure quantifies how motivated your contractor is to help you streamline your operations and save you money.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement includes multiple things ranging from productivity to employee satisfaction. One important sub-factor is employee retention vs employee turnover. As a client you should be concerned if your contractor is showing high turnover or low retention. The inability to recruit and keep the best talent in the industry always factors into a low quality of service. Employee engagement is a critical KPI in the cleaning industry that influences a service consistency. Employee retention programs help cultivate motivated employees who are aware of the nature of your business and are happy to represent your company.

A great way to review KPIs with your cleaning contractor is to participate in ongoing meetings to review the status of these metrics. These meetings should take place several times a year. This is an opportunity for a you and your service provider to assess the value of the current KPIs and outline the possible areas of improvement based upon the many changing needs of the customer.

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