How to Make Your Facility Look and Feel Like Google

What facility manager doesn’t want their building to look like Google or Microsoft? Although it sounds easy, it is important to understand why world-class tech companies choose their offices to look and function a certain way. We created a short list of ideas that will help inject a “Google-like” ambiance into your facility.

1. Flexibility of Working Spaces

It is commonly accepted that employee collaboration is the key to success for most businesses. Unfortunately, many facilities are not set up to promote teamwork. When the bulk of employees’ daily work is executed in cubicles or separate offices, opportunities for communication between departments are severely limited. Providing flexible working zones is an ideal resolution for this issue. Flexible working zones are informal areas where employees can go when they need a temporary change of scenery or to collaborate in a more casual environment.

2. Indoor Air Quality

IAQ is an invisible factor that can significantly affect our productivity. A recent study by Harvard University shows that IAQ considerably affects cognitive function. On average, the cognitive scores of the same participants were 61% higher when they worked in a building with an optimized environment vs a facility with a conventional environment. The major factors to improve the IAQ include using vacuums with HEPA filters, maintaining the HVAC system’s cleanliness, regular filter replacement, and using green cleaning supplies.

3. Proper Office Lighting

Have you ever noticed that certain types of lighting make you tired while others keep you energized? Many facilities owned by companies like Google or Facebook take a scientific approach to choosing the right lighting for their office spaces. Multiple studies show that “cold,” blue-white lighting helps increase productivity while “warm,” red-to-yellow lighting lends itself to a relaxing environment. It is recommended to choose the lighting according to the purpose of the area. For example, you may want to use “cool” lighting in personal offices and cubicle areas, while the “warm” lighting would serve its purpose in cafes, receptions, and rest areas.

4. Access to Technology

In this day and age, there is no excuse for a lack of technology in the workplace. This goes far beyond having strong Wi-Fi everywhere in the building. The business world requires technologies that allow communication without borders. Most tech companies oblige their facilities to have seamless access to technological advances to connect with partners and employees worldwide. Providing big-screen TVs and conference call audio and video systems in the meeting rooms is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Employees’ morale and productivity will increase when they know the facility supplies modern tools and technologies to execute their tasks.

5. Office Break Rooms

The break rooms should not have the same atmosphere as the rest of the office. Choose a design that will help your break rooms stand out from the rest of the building. Using brighter colors and chic furniture is a great way to achieve this goal. Having coffee machines and healthy snacks helps significantly increase tenant satisfaction. Many high-tech facilities provide fun perks like ping pong or pool tables. Additionally, offering several quiet zones for tenants who want to relax and spend time alone may be a good idea.

At Servicon, we recognize the importance of looking at the big picture and being more than a janitorial service provider; we want to be a true partner for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that the cleaning crew communicates your company culture and reflects your values. Contact us to learn more about our training programs and cost-saving janitorial solutions.

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