3 Technologies to Boost Biomanufacturing Cleaning Outcomes

Cleaning biomanufacturing facilities involves more than maintaining cleanrooms to good manufacturing processes (GMP) standards. Of course, cleanrooms are a vital part of the job, and GMP cleaners require specialized and detailed training. But these facilities also include labs, office space, cafeterias/lunchrooms, lobbies, and other common and not-so-common areas, which calls for advanced solutions to ensure cleaning continuity.

To keep up with these evolving environments, Servicon continuously researches, tests, and implements new technologies that enhance GMP cleaning compliance and overall facility cleanliness. This allows our clients to continue their important work without worrying about passing audits and meeting other federal and state regulations that could shut down their research or production.

With this in mind, below are three innovations we have recently adopted to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and deliver our clients this peace of mind.

Simple Check

Simple Check is Servicon’s cleaning validation software that provides a backup digital record of our good documentation practice (GDP). The app provides digital checklists for cleaning technicians customized to clients’ unique SOPs. It allows cleaners to log, date, and sign off on each step of the cleaning process to validate it has been completed in compliance with all federal and state regulations and the agreed-upon scope of work.

Simple Inspect

The Simple Check software allows us to:

  • Increases the accuracy and compliance of the documentation process
  • Allows completed checklists to be instantly signed, dated, time-stamped, and sent to supervisors
  • Eliminates administrative delays, hassles, and fines associated with log errors
  • Works with cell phones and tablets
  • Permits photos, notes, and documents to be easily attached
  • Sends emails with the data showing clients’ regulatory compliance and that their SOPs have been completed to their specifications.

The bottom line: Simple Check provides our life sciences clients peace of mind that their environment is clean, healthy, compliant, and always audit-ready so they can concentrate on researching and creating products that save lives.

Smart Inspect

Smart Inspect™ is the quality assurance technology our supervisors use to verify work is done to specifications and our clients’ satisfaction.

Smart Inspect

The Smart Inspect software allows us to:

  • Track outcomes of ongoing inspections of the facility
  • Collect and record data in real-time
  • Gather data that includes site variables, such as building, floor, and zone
  • Attribute the data to the specific area cleaned
  • Track individual employee performance trends
  • Validate cleaning results
  • Identify and log work orders for potential maintenance issues.


The i-mop© is a sweeper mop and wet/dry vacuum that reduces water and chemical usage for enhanced sustainability. The onboard tank releases and retrieves water, resulting in zero water waste. Using just over four gallons of water, the i-mop XL cleans about 4,506 square feet; conventional mopping would require multiple bucket refills to clean the same area. The i-mop’s twin scrubbing brushes make its cleaning power identical to a traditional floor scrubber of comparable size. Meanwhile, ATP testing has shown that the i-mop’s twin counter-rotating brushes produce 90% cleaner surfaces than conventional mopping. The i-mop is powered by lithium-ion technology, so it charges faster and has a longer life than other battery types. The i-mop can be color-coded to avoid cross-contamination, while its ease of use makes workers happy to use it.


For life sciences facilities, poor cleaning outcomes can mean audit failures and regulatory fines, expensive research delays, and even production line shutdowns. The i-mop’s better, faster, safer cleaning; shorter drying times; and reduced labor hours and costs translate into ensuring a healthy, safe, compliant research and production environment.

Servicon, a National Leader in GMP Cleaning Services

Are you a life sciences facility looking to improve cleaning outcomes for enhanced compliance and increased peace of mind? We have over 50 years of cleanroom cleaning experience, including in the stringent aerospace industry. We invite you to review our website or contact us to discuss our GMP expertise and your cleaning needs.

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