Servicon Client Rancho Los Amigos Named a Top Rehabilitation Hospital


Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, Downey, CA, has been ranked 19th out of 1,000 rehabilitation hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. Rancho Los Amigos attributes its impressive ranking in part to the environmental services (EVS) provided by Servicon, Southern California’s leading EVS for hospitals and commercial cleaning services provider.

Rancho Los Amigos is recognized as an international leader in rehabilitation medicine and clinical research. It is one of the largest rehabilitation hospitals in the United States, caring for approximately 2,500 unique inpatients and 75,000 outpatient visits annually.

Servicon has been Rancho Los Amigos’ EVS provider since 2013 and has played a significant role in Rancho’s expansion over the last decade, including the opening of a beautiful new facility shortly before the pandemic.

Well-Deserved Praise

In an email to the entire Rancho team, Rancho Los Amigos CEO wrote: “This well-deserved recognition reflects your relentless dedication and commitment to the patients and communities we serve. I am so proud of every employee here… you are the heart, soul, and DNA of Rancho!” Rancho’s facility manager reiterated the sentiment in a follow-up email to Servicon, calling Servicon’s EVS technicians “the heartbeat of the site.”

U.S. News & World Report is the global leader in quality rankings that consumers, business leaders, and policy officials rely on to make informed decisions about important issues affecting their lives and communities.

Servicon CEO and President Laurie Sewell is happy about the ranking, the recognition of the company’s EVS team, and Servicon’s overall partnership with Rancho Los Amigos. “We are thrilled Rancho has received this prestigious ranking and are pleased to have had a role in it,” she says. “We are also pleased that Rancho’s CEO took the time to ensure our EVS hospital technicians know their work in infection prevention and Rancho’s overall cleanliness is appreciated. We are thankful to have such a wonderful partner as Rancho Lost Amigos. We believe it is a great match because we share the same goal—to help people heal and thrive in a safe, healthy environment.”

A Great Kick-Off for Environmental Services Week

With Environmental Services Week 2022 just around the bend, September 11-17, the timing of Rancho Los Amigos’ acknowledgment and appreciation of Servicon frontline hospital EVS technicians’ work is especially appropriate.

The significant contribution to infection prevention made by EVS for hospitals and other healthcare EVS technicians should always be recognized and appreciated. However, Environmental Services Week is a special week designed to show appreciation for the dedicated EVS staff that ensure healthcare facilities across the country are clean, safe places for patients, their families, staff, and visitors. With all the challenges and changes the last few years have brought—and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic—the frontline hospital EVS and healthcare technicians have remained resilient in their efforts to protect others from dangerous pathogens. Environmental Services Week is a way to recognize the contributions these EVS workers make to the health and recovery of our communities.

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