Custodial and Infection-Prevention Leader Servicon Honors Frontline Workers for National Cleaning Week


To celebrate National Cleaning Week (March 27-April 2), Custodial and Infection-Prevention Leader Servicon is spotlighting the important work of its frontline personnel in keeping hospitals and healthcare centers open and operating safely as the world still battles COVID-19.

National Cleaning Week is a week-long celebration targeted at encouraging everyone to clean their homes, offices, buildings, and other spaces. The week emphasizes the value of cleaning employees, employers, and other stakeholders in the cleaning world.

As the world evolves to a post-pandemic state, Servicon continues to lead the forefront of Infection Prevention within the healthcare industry. Using these daily practices in the workplace, National Cleaning Week creates the perfect opportunity for Servicon and its employees to share their knowledge within the communities across Southern California and the rest of the nation. In addition to raising awareness, National Cleaning Week allows everyone to honor the unsung heroes who work tirelessly to keep our homes and businesses clean so that we may live and work in healthy conditions. Especially during the heart of the pandemic, custodial healthcare workers worked determinedly alongside doctors and nurses to keep our hospitals safe.

Maria Santana, a Servicon employee working at a leading Los Angeles hospital in Southern California says, “Servicon makes a big difference as an employer, especially in the Hispanic community.” She adds that she “100% recommends” the company to others looking for work in the field. She says the company’s values and culture “make me proud to work for such a company.”

Laurie Sewell, Servicon’s president and CEO, says, “Servicon’s purpose is to elevate the industry and create healthy environments for people to thrive. It’s in our DNA and is illustrated no better than in the passion and hard work of our frontline personnel.”

To further celebrate the week, Servicon will launch a series of stories on their website, acknowledging hard working individuals in the healthcare sector. Servicon continues its purpose to elevate the healthcare industry and create healthy environments for communities to thrive. This has been part of the company’s DNA since its inception.

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