Luis Reyes – 30 Years with Servicon

Luis Reyes was 25, had just gotten married, and was tired of working in retail. His sister suggested he apply for a position at Servicon, where she worked. So, he did and was hired as an area manager for one of the largest aerospace facilities in Newport Beach, CA, at the time.

The rest, as they say, is history—a 30-year history for Reyes that has included multiple promotions—from fleet and district area manager to his current position as industrial portfolio manager.

With a degree in administration of justice, why did he stay at Servicon?

“I saw it as a better opportunity,” he says. “I like going to different places, meeting different people. Every day there is always something new to learn, a chance to grow and not feel stuck. I have never been bored, not one day.”

It’s no wonder, given the diversity of his responsibilities.

“When we first started, it often times was just me and Mr. Mahdesian; we wore many hats,” Reyes says. “We used to work side by side cleaning and doing whatever needed to be done.”

Reyes believes his career includes many achievements. Yet one stands out.

“The start-up of one of our large aerospace accounts was a big deal to me, to the organization, but mainly to Mr. Mahdesian,” Reyes recalls. “Mr. Mahdesian started the company in aerospace because he was in the air force. He worked so hard, and having that account was his dream. When we got it, there was a big ceremony at the corporate office. They put out a red carpet for me and all the crew who supported us.”

And a challenge that stands out?

“The COVID pandemic stands out as a challenge,” Reyes says. “It changed all of us in the organization, in organizations all over the world. Not seeing the smiling faces of the people, you worked with for so many years, was hard.”

While the masks may have hidden smiles, the pandemic didn’t break down the organizations’ commitment to teamwork. “Supplies would run out, so you had to be creative in how to get more product,” Reyes says. Laurie [Sewell, Servicon CEO], marketing, HR, people from different departments pitched in. We would get hand sanitizer in huge gallons and pour them into 4-, 8-, or 12-ounce bottles, whatever was needed, day and night.”

Often their work was for the community.

“During the pandemic, Servicon provided a lot of support to our community,” he says. “We delivered masks and hand sanitizers to where they were needed.”

According to Reyes, this support is not unusual. It’s part of the company’s culture, which ultimately creates a win-win for all.

“Servicon contributes greatly to the Hispanic community, Los Angeles County and Orange County,” he says. “The company supports and maintains a lot of families so that they can live their dream. The company embraces any and everyone who comes to work here. When you join Servicon, you become part of the family. So, you do your work as if it is your own business. You take care of them as well as they take care of you.”


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