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Safe Spaces. Confident Operations.

Commercial Cleaning Services for High-Traffic Spaces

Responsive Solutions for Large Spaces

Commercial Facility Maintenance Services

Every commercial facility has unique operational requirements to remain functional and continue offering essential services to its customers. Servicon’s maintenance programs are tailored to meet every need with specifically trained and certified Maintenance Technicians who understand the importance of quality workmanship and timeliness.

With our extensive knowledge of large, intricate spaces, Servicon readily adapts to service organizations such as:

  • Stadiums, Campuses, Schools
  • Local and Federal Government Buildings
  • Sports Arenas
  • Convention Centers
  • Airports
  • Banking and Financial Buildings
  • Technology and Data Centers
  • Warehousing and Distribution Property
Building Maintenance Services
Now, with our extensive list of maintenance services, your business can rely on Servicon to accomplish all your ongoing building requirements, such as:

  • Roof Leak Repairs
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Clearing of Roof Drains & Gutters
  • Sign Removal
  • Fascia Patching & Painting
  • Drywall Patching & Painting
  • Curb, Concrete, Asphalt Repair
  • Sealing Sidewalk Joints & Cracks
  • Parking Lot Resealing & Restriping
  • Replacement of Wheel Stops
  • Trash Enclosure Repairs
  • Welding Repair of Railings & Gates
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Beehive Removal
  • Replacement of Steel Grates
  • Tenant Improvement Work
  • Installation of earthquake shut off valves
  • Holiday Décor
Tenant Support Services
  • Moving assistance
  • Interplant delivery
  • Security escorting
  • Call center
  • Recycling options
  • Crib attendants

Custodial Services With Care

Keeping Your Business Safe, Healthy, & Operational

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial spaces are vital environments for the people and patrons who use them. Remaining operational requires precise and professional commercial cleaning services to protect everyone’s health and safety. When your business is confidently cleaned and maintained, then you can focus on what you do best with minimized risk of service interruption. 

Caring for People. Caring for Spaces.

Servicon’s philosophy is about caring for people. Our 50 years as one of North America’s leading commercial cleaning companies in complex facilities has proven that when people feel valued and can care for their families, they are more dedicated to their employers and workspaces.

Experts in Commercial Janitorial Services

Our Custodial Technicians are highly-skilled and motivated to provide exceptional commercial janitorial services for our clients. We provide customized infection prevention and maintenance programs to suit every need in addition to daily custodial tasks. The result is highly-effective commercial spaces where everyone thrives.

Professional Cleaning Services for Commercial Spaces

Your facility needs more than just standard janitorial services. Instead, you need customizable and agile solutions that meet the unique requirements of your organization and the people using your spaces.

Servicon partners with you to connect the right cleaning services to your specific operational necessities with skilled and dedicated Custodial Technicians.

Commercial Janitorial Services:

Surface cleaning

Window washing

Floor care

Power washing

Pest control

The Right People. Unparalleled Results.

Elevating the Commercial Cleaning Industry 

From the beginning, our focus has been on people. Servicon creates a culture of caring about people and their communities, providing opportunities to excel while supporting their families. At the same time, our clients receive exceptional commercial cleaning service and supplies to meet the strictest quality standards, making Servicon a distinctive leader in the industry.

Three contributing elements are vital to ongoing success:

Quality People
We acquire conscientious, top talent who understands the value of their role in commercial cleaning services and maintenance applications and genuinely care about their contribution to your business.

Experts in Complexity
Servicon excels in highly-complex environments with intricate standards. Our expertise and meticulous attention to detail ensure the highest proficiency and quality assurance.

Agile Solutions
Agile, on-point resources fuse with all the needs of commercial companies providing coveted and essential services. We customize our services to provide intelligent solutions that work.

Servicon Supplies Division

Having the latest science-backed custodial supplies and equipment readily available is essential to sustaining elevated cleaning and maintenance procedures in commercial facilities. Indeed, they are crucial to remaining operational and protecting the people within these buildings.

Servicon’s in-house Supply Division ensures an uninterrupted supply chain for our employees and clients and includes thoroughly investigated innovations to stay current with industry requirements and emerging pathogens. Our Innovation Council has a pulse on the best products, equipment, and processes based on scientific research and real-world testing to provide our clients with responsive solutions to their commercial cleaning and maintenance needs. 

Sustainability & EVS in Healthcare

Award-Winning Sustainability

Part of creating healthy spaces where people thrive is protecting the environment they live in, making it safe for future generations. With Servicon’s cutting-edge sustainability practices, our clients happily reduce their environmental impact while streamlining maintenance costs.

Servicon proudly leads the way by implementing these same award-winning principles in our own buildings. Our state-of-the-art training center is LEED Platinum-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. We are Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Buildings (CIMS-GB)-certified and have earned numerous sustainability awards, including our 2022 recognition from Green2Sustainable.

Benefits to You

Our quality services help increase your property value, maintain occupancy rates, and keep your building occupants safe and happy.

We invite you to to find out more about Servicon’s cleaning services for complex facilities and to schedule a free assessment.