“Work Together to Work Safely” – Servicon Systems Janitorial Services Winning Tagline For Safe and Healthy Program

District Manager, Johanna Tomm wins $200 tagline prize – Servicon’s Safe and Healthy Program


Our program goes beyond “safe janitorial cleaning practices”. Servicon is collaborative at its core, and we not only care about our own safety and health, but also the safety of our Servicon colleagues!

When asked how she came up with the slogan, Johanna said, “I wanted something that spoke to how Servicon promotes collaboration to accomplish a goal. We are focused not merely on individual personal safety, but also the well-being of our entire culture. I thought this expressed exactly how I felt about my team and the company.”

Thank you to Johanna and to all who submitted your ideas. We received over 60 entries as well as some excellent suggestions on how to strengthen the program going forward.

Stay tuned for more about Servicon Systems’ Safe and Healthy Program.

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Photo: Servicon Systems Janitorial Services President/CEO Laurie Sewell, District Manager and safety slogan winner Johanna Tomm and CFO Maritza Aguila